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As a group with car cleaning addictions and an infatuation with car detailing, our task is to not let go of any stains and defects that we can see and touch. The main purpose of our professional car services is to transform your car to look even better than before. We promise not to save anyone a minute of work in order to improve work efficiency. We cherish every point of your contribution, just like every point of your enthusiasm for your car.

We have a versatile, confident, friendly and professional team, specialising in basic cleaning, beauty maintenance, renovation and restoration. There is always a professional personnel provided with each our corresponding services. In addition, we utilise the best equipment and supplies, all of which is to improve the efficiency of our work that we offer to and elevate our standard of services to a brand new level.
For us, every nod, every affirmation, and every return is our biggest pride, joy and motivation!


We import and install equipment, tools and products locally and from other countries. Each of these installations offers a clean and tidy working atmosphere at our workshop, manifesting an appreciation for the most basic things and instilling a positive work attitude for our crew. Every detail is dedicated to letting your car enjoy a more superior service from technicians that love their work and workplace.

repairing toolS

Workability is often limited by the application of tools. At ShiningCar Detailing we are equipped with a complete set of repair tools to ensure that we can adequately approach every detail with the correct method.

cleaning tools

Workability is often limited by the application of tools. At ShiningCar Detailing we are also equipped with a complete set of cleaning tools to ensure that every cleaning process is catered to professionally and properly.

polishing pad

Different paint conditions and different levels of scratches require different methods of approach, knowing which plate to reject  and when a plate is overused is vital to offering your car a quality polish and superb finishing touch.

water Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure water and soft water are used alternatingly, and the high-grade impurity filtration system ensures that the sand and minerals will not damage the paint during cleaning.


We purchase various high end products all over the world for testing, and we reject cheap and poor quality products. This ensures that at ShiningCar Detailing we can guarantee the quality of our processes to our customer’s satisfaction.

our pride

The unanimous recognition of customers is our motivation. We have received thousands of customers and established a trusting relationship with our customers. We look forward to becoming acquainted with a new customer and new friend at the next intersection.




opening hours:

8-10 Rooks Road, Nunawading, vic 3131

(03) 88068382

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm (Reception only)

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