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This Deal is Valid Until 30th Sep 2022


why we offer the deals

The Tesla Model Y has landed in Australia, indicating that electric vehicles have slowly become a major trend in the entire automotive market. Due to tesla’s special body shape, larger windward area, and more special panel and car paint technology, these factors make Tesla car owners very much prefer the service of car paint protection. ShiningCar is now launching three kinds of car paint protection special deals. We have no intention to enter the battlefield of price and quote. We always put service, quality, and reputation first. Our preferential quotation is based entirely on ShiningCar’s consistent service and high-quality finish standards. We only compare with ourselves, and the results speak for themselves.


The most perfect and absolutely comprehensive car paint protection solution. It not only effectively defends against sand, gravel, scratches, and other potential factors that may inflict damage. It can also effectively prevent swirls caused by car washing and wiping. There is also no need to worry too much about your car washing methods, car washing supplies or car environment. The self-healing function can keep your vehicle in the state of factory paint forever, while ensuring the value of the vehicle. Our full car protection service also ensures that your car’s selling price price stands out from the rest.

A location that is likely to be injured with daily use. Whether the cause may be due to poor driving skills from other drivers, or complex road conditions caused by scratches, or paint being peeled by sand and gravel on the highway, these scratches can be avoided.

As the most popular car paint protection project in the car beauty industry. Ceramic Coating boasts in its ability to be resistant to chemical substances. In the daily use of vehicles, the main causes of paint surface aging and loss of light comes mainly from the sun’s ultra violet rays, acidic substances in rainwater, and corrosiveness in bird droppings. These factors can quickly pass through the varnish layer of the colored paint, causing irreparable damage to the surface. The hardness and density of the Ceramic Coating layer is far greater than that of the varnish itself, which can effectively prevent the penetration of chemicals and keep your car paint inside a layer of invisible shield for a long time.

what products we are using

ONYX GRAPHENE PRO use in ceramic coating melbourne server

Suntek Paint Protection Film utilises revolutionary new technology to protect one of your biggest investments. A tough barrier providing an invisible protection for your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, insect stains and other road debris. This stretchable and long-lasting film is moulded to the high impact areas of your car, keeping it looking brand new for longer.

As experts in paint protection. STEK Automative leads the industry with innovative manufacturing technologies. STEK proprietary solutions are derived from a comprehensive understanding of films, adhesives, and topcoats, supported by high investments in research and development. Originating in the US, STEK has developed to become a global supplier of automotive products, At ShiningCar we further aim to expand our network under the STEK Automotive brand.

Zink is a resilient, superhydrophobic self-healing paint protection film. Zink provides unrivalled durability, superior protection and outstanding clarity with a virtually invisible finish. ZINK is a cut above the rest of its competitors, considered the clearest and most glass-like paint protection film in the industry, it is engineered for the ultimate impact resistance.

Get Your Deal

  • Package A: Full Car Paint Protection Film
  • Package B: Front Ends Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Coating
  • Package C: Full Car Ceramic Coating
  • What Service do you want to do? (PPF, Ceramic Coating, Window Tint, Wheel Coating, Interior Coating etc. )
  • What finish do you want? Matt or Gloss?
  • Any product you want to use?
  • Which date do you want to pick up the car? 
  • Any other concerns?
  • Send the information above to us, we will get back to you ASAP
  • This Special Deal is valid till 30th September 2022.
  • A deposit will be charged to secure a time when booking in. 
  • The deposit is not refundable.

why choose shiningcar

Very experienced work team

We have a friendly, experienced and detail-oriented team. Our technicians have more than 5 years of experience in the motor industry, and there is always a professional personnel in every service that we offer. Our crew has completed thousands of projects, so you will not be disappointed with the quality of your car nor will you have to worry about how your car will be treated.

Passion with purpose

We will never measure the value or usefulness of any car that comes into our workshop. We treat every car as if it were our own children. We never skip any steps that may be considered by others as unnecessary. We treat every project with an open mindset of diligence and passion where we wholeheartedly engage in the task we are presented. We are also motivated by our customers satisfaction.

Quality customer Support and Care

Every question you ask us will be answered to the best of our professional ability. We welcome any clients that consults or inquires with us regarding their ideas. We will endeavour to solve any of your concerns in a professional and effective manner along with a reasonable price. Our client’s satisfaction and imparting their trust and confidence in our abilities is our biggest motivation.

how we work

professional equipment for dust-falling

never skip any single step

top series film of top brand

full covering for full protection

correct size and shape make better finish

make sure every corner perfect

relaxing film in order to make the force even

Experienced technicians avoid all blemishes

cleaning the film and give it a check

The ultimate knife technique makes every inch of your edge perfect

blending and seal the edges




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