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Sometimes, due to time, environment, or other conditions. Your car may have some stubborn problems. For example, stains in the interior, candy in the carpet, dust in seat gaps, or oil in the air vents. The surface of your car’s paint is also covered with scratches, marks, etc. All of these factors makes your car look dull and dim. None of these problems can be solved by a simple car wash. What it needs is deep cleaning and maintenance. You can choose our different car detailing services listed below.


Stage 1 Paint correction

At this stage, we focus on removing minor swirls and slight scratches. Stage 1 Paint Correction is more suitable for vehicles with newer paint conditions,  and is more recommended for vehicles used within a year or two.

Stage 2 Paint correction

The paint correction for stage 2 is suitable for most vehicles, and it is also the most cost-effective paint correction. Vehicles with poor paint conditions can be restored to the best state visible to the naked eye.

Stage 3 Paint correction

Stage 3 paint correction is aimed at car lovers who have extremely high requirements on the paint surface of the vehicle and the situation where the paint condition is too poor due to corrosion by chemicals, long-term use of automatic car washing, excessive scratches, loss of gloss on the paint surface, etc. This process however takes a lot of time in either restoring the paint surface to a perfect condition or to repair the poor paint surface.

New Car paint Gloss enhancement

Most people think question the necessity of a paint correction. The most common question we receive is: “Why does my new car need paint correction? Doesn’t a new car have the most perfect paint surface?”. Of course not. 

The gloss of the paint surface is determined by the varnish on top of the paint. The varnish is evenly sprayed on in the factory creating a seemingly perfectly painted surface. Nevertheless, from the perspective of the microcosm, the sprayed surface is still made of stacked paint particles. Moreover, during the process of delivering the vehicle from the factory to the customer, it will have experienced sandstorms in transportation, friction during cleaning, and many dealers will perform waxing in order to maintain the gloss of the car paint. These factors will affect the gloss of the car paint itself. Gloss Enhancement uses the finest abrasive and the softest polishing disc to raise the varnish layer to a smooth height, which makes it possible to increase the brightness of 20%-30% even for new cars.

care direction

Do we need to protect the paint after paint correction?

Of course, each paint correction is a process of polishing the paint surface to a depth with the scratches, especially for deeper scratches, which means that the varnish layer around the scratches is thinner. Even a brand-new vehicle can only perform deep paint correction about 4 times. And during the paint correction process, the paint surface will also have pores caused by the spraying process. These tiny pores also make the varnish layer more fragile and more prone to aging. For example, consider a simple skin routine, every time you do a deep cleansing of your skin, you have to apply some skin cream to moisturize and protect your pores. likewise, after paint correction Then protecting your paint is very important

how to protect the paint?

The more common paint protection methods on the market mainly include waxing, ceramic coating and paint protection film. It all depends on your budget, the time you expect to keep the vehicle and the environment in which it will be subjected. But we do not recommend waxing. First, the main function of wax is to fill in scratches and swirls, and then form a bright paint surface. But every waxing process is a process of scratching the car paint, and then filling it with wax. This means that every time you wax, you are constantly scratching the car paint and then covering it, and the durability of the wax is Limited, you need to keep waxing to cover up your waxing problems. we suggest ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Can I do paint correction by myself

Paint correction is a complex and systematic work. For different paint surface hardness, thickness, gloss and depth of scratches, the range must be matched with different types of polishing machines, discs and abrasives. in the re-polishing process, there are very high requirements on the mastery, speed and strength of the polishing machine. Even if you can learn and practice better paint correction techniques, is it necessary to buy different types of polishing machines, discs and abrasives at such a high price?


What is the difference between Detailing and car wash?

Detailing adds more comprehensive work on the basis of the carwash’s basic cleaning. The purpose of carwash is to clean up the dust in the car and the stains on the body. 

 Detailing aims to solve some problems, involving situations that cannot be cleaned up by simple cleanings, such as coffee stains on the seat, dirt inside the air outlet, key gaps, cup holder gaps, car paint problems, and so on. More professional tools and time is required to adequately deal with every detail.

When should I book the detailing service for my car?

Basically, your vehicle needs a detialing service of the interior once a year. 

This is based on the recommendation of your health. If you use the vehicle for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate in the air outlet of your air conditioner, the gap of the interior panel, and a lot of bacteria will breed in the floor. These things will have a great impact on your respiratory system and sensitive skin. 

If you also find that your car paint has obvious sun patterns or has become dull, then your car paint has also suffered very serious damage. These problems are the moments when you need to do detailing service.

If I want to sell my vehicle, which items should I do?

The choice of the items depends entirely on the current state of your vehicle. The state of your vehicle when you sell it reflects your maintenance status of the vehicle, which can greatly increase the probability of your sale and the price. Basically, Mini Detailing and engine bay deep clean are must-have items. If your car paint has great potential for improvement, then we will also recommend you to perform full car detailing service. These services add far more price to your car when selling and is much higher than what you pay for these services that we offer for you.

There are a lot of scratches on my car. Can paint detailing deal with these problems?

The repairability of scratches depends on the severity of the scratches. The scratches caused by inadvertent scratching of ordinary branches, bags, etc can easily be repaired by paint correction.

 However, if the paint surface is completely damaged and the varnish and colored paint have completely peeled off, it cannot be repaired.

 Some deeper scratches are also difficult to repair. If the paint is forcibly repaired, it may damage the paint itself. In addition, damage that has been corroded by bird droppings or chemicals and has entered the varnish layer cannot be repaired by paint correction alone. 

The best way is to drive your car into our store, and a professional technician will test the paint thickness for you, and judge the repairability and the estimated result.




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