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Most frequent questions asked by our clients that you may also want to know
If you only need the Superior Hand Carwash service, you don’t need to make an appointment. For other more complex services, we would recommend you to make an appointment in advance. Those services are more complicated and will take a long time to finish. You will need to leave your car in the store and collect it after the service is completed. In this case, making an appointment can help you to do better scheduling and make sure you can use your car when you need it.


Under normal circumstances, no deposit is required for car wash service and Mini Detailing service. However, for the Ceramic Coating service, it depends on specific situation. After you have confirmed your choice of Vinyl Wrap and PPF, you will need to pay 50% of the total amount as a deposit for ordering materials and reserving a working space.

Except for the deposit, the remaining service fees will be settled on the car pick-up day. Please check the vehicle upon your pick up to confirm the service is completed and satisfied. 

We support cash payment, bank transfer and credit card payment.

The price is always proportional to the service quality and service time. There are  many ordinary car washes in the market that describe themselves as detailed services, but in fact they only provide car wash service that used relatively cheap products and execute simple service procedures by inexperienced employees to lower down their cost. If you have decided to polish and transform your car to the next level, we believe that having a satisfying outcome is always your priority. Paying a under-priced service will not only fail to achieve your original purpose, it may also damage your car.  You can always trust out experienced staffs and detailed work processes that we will not fail your expectation.


The difference between Superior Hand Carwash and Detailing is mainly in details and the degree of cleaning. The main purpose of Superior Hand Carwash is to clean your car from the visual and tactile aspects, and to clear the vehicle dust, silt, etc.  Detailing will carry out more comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of your car. It includes more invisible details, gaps, and hidden locations. The damaged car paint will be repaired through a professional liquid medicine, tools. We also use products to maintain the condition of the car seats. We ensures the cleanliness of the vehicle in and out as well as completing a thoughtful maintenance of the vehicle.

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