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The right tools, techniques, and years of professional detailing experience attribute to perfect results.

brush car detailing with red head in melbourne

WHAT is the purpose of detailing

Sometimes, due to time, environment, and conditions. Your car may have some stubborn problems. For example, stains in the interior, candy in the carpet, dust in the seat gap, and oil in the air vent. The paint surface of the car is also covered with scratches, marks, , etc., making the car look dull and dim. None of these problems can be solved by simple car washing. What it needs now is deep cleaning and maintenance. 

What does the detailing service include

white foam on car detailing clearing body melbourne

Car Body cleaning, decontamination

We separate the mud and sand and soften it to prevent them from scratching the paint surface when washing the car body and use a car wash with a neutral pH level to cover the entire car body. 

Afterwards, the car body is decontaminated by a high-quality wool cloth. Compared with the sponge, the wool cloth will not leave a large amount of sand that can easily scratch the paint and cause scratches and sun swirls. 

Finally, the whole car is wiped through with the aid of a high-pressure water gun and the soft fiber towel. These rigorous steps ensure that the car body will not be excessively damaged while being decontaminated, which is completely different from the express car wash on the streets.

white foam on car detailing clearing body melbourne
Brushing foam on car detailing melbourne carefully

Dashboard / centre console Deep cleaning

Unlike ordinary wiping of the interior, we use a detail brush to deeply clean every detail of your car’s the interior. These details include the door panel decoration, knobs, buttons, air-conditioning vents, interior panel gaps, steering wheels, instruments, etc.

 We use special cleaning and curing agents for the interior to decontaminate and remove any residues and at the same time play a role of glazing and protection. Overall this ensures that nothing will corrode and damage the fragile leather and plastic parts of your car.

car inner area detailing Vacuum

leather seat cleaning / fiber seat Extractive cleaning

In daily driving, the position where the body is in contact for the longest time is the seat, which also means that there is a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria on the surface and inside of the seat. This not only affects the appearance of the seat, but also causes great harm to your physical health. 

We use professional interior cleaning products to scrub and wipe the leather chairs to clean up the dirt in the leather texture in time. For cloth seats, we use extraction and cleaning technology to drive the liquid medicine into the seat cover and use vacuum to extract the medicine and dirt together to clean the seat to the greatest extent.

car inner area detailing Vacuum
car seat vacuum dust cleaning broom head melbourne car detailing serve

Carpet high-pressure air dust removal / vacuuming

For carpets, the hardest part to clean is not the snacks, hairpins, or even paper scraps scattered on the ground. The garbage that can be solved by vacuum cleaners at home does not require professional help at all. On the contrary, it is the dust gravel hidden in the carpet fluff. 

Dust is the most difficult part to deal with. These things can hardly be cleaned by washing or vacuum. We use a high-pressure spray gun to blow ultra-high-pressure air into each plush of the carpet. These high-speed airflows can easily blow the sand, dust or gravel away from the surface. Only with a professional vacuum equipment can this part be thoroughly cleaned.

door hings / jambs / edges cleaning

The biggest difference between Car Detailing Service and Carwash lies in the handling of details. It does not simply wash away the muddy water on the surface of the car body, but takes care of every detail inside and outside the car, including the edge of the door, Door Hinges, Door Jamb. It is often these subtle places that reflect the details of the service. Detailing is not for the cleanliness that can be seen, but for the real cleanliness.

BMW car detailing tire frame hand wash serve in melbourne

rim / tyre / caliper deep cleaning

We use special wheel decontamination products that remove oil stains and iron powder to clean the wheel thoroughly, completely disintegrate the iron powder produced by the brakes, and give the wheel a new look.

steam car cleaning blue shinning car door car detailing expert

steam cleaning / stain spot cleaning (optional)

For some stubborn stains, even special liquid medicine and brushes cannot completely remove them. For example, coffee on the carpet, water stains, drinks, melted candies. At this time, we need high-temperature steam to dissolve and melt it. After these stubborn stains are successfully separated from the surface, they can be cleaned up. Steam Cleaning is your right choice when there are some stains that are very difficult to clean or have completely dried on your interior or paint surface.

steam car cleaning blue shinning car door car detailing expert
shinning car detailing engine bay cleaning finish melbourne car cleaning serve

engine bay cleaning (included in pre-sale detailing)

The engine is the power source of the car. Keeping the engine clean has always been a difficult job because there are a lot of cables, pipes, oil and so on. To clean the engine, not only need to understand the function of each part, and determine which parts can not be cleaned by water washing, but also need a non-conductive special cleaning agent for cleaning. And it is necessary to dry the Engine Bay in time by blowing water and drying.

paint correction serve black shining car detailing compare result

paint correction (included in full car detailing)

Paint Correction is always the most important and basic content of car beauty. Maintaining the gloss of the car body and flatness are the most important factors to make your car look perfect. And the car body is the most vulnerable position to lose its luster. Whether it is stones, dust, or birds and leaves on trees, they are all sources of damage to car paint. Even in the process of washing and waxing our car, it is a process of scratching the paint. We restore the paint surface through Paint Correction, so that your car will be restored to the way it was when it left the factory. In addition, Paint Correction is also a necessary part of Ceramic Coating. Only a smooth paint surface can exert the maximum effect of Ceramic Coating.

paint correction serve black shining car detailing compare result

detailing services

car inner area after car detailing server dust free in Melbourne

mini detail (basic detailing service)

black bmw shining car after pre car detailing server crystal

pre - sale Detailing

black bmw shining car after pre car detailing server crystal
using high tec liquid protect car surface by hand

luxry Detailing


What is the difference between Detailing and car wash

Detailing adds more comprehensive work on the basis of the carwash’s basic cleaning. The purpose of carwash is to clean up the dust in the car and the stains on the body. His role is to clean up the dirt where you can see or touch. And detailing aims to solve some problems, involving situations that cannot be cleaned up by simple cleanings, such as coffee stains on the seat, dirt inside the air outlet, key gaps, cup holder gaps, car paint problems, and so on. We need more professional tools and more time to deal with every detail.

When should I book the detailing service for my car

Basically, your vehicle needs a detialing service of the interior once a year. This is based on the purpose of your health. If you use the vehicle for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate in the air outlet of your air conditioner, the gap of the interior panel, and a lot of bacteria will breed in the floor. These things will have a great impact on your respiratory system and sensitive skin. If you find that your car paint has obvious sun patterns or has become dull, then your car paint has also suffered very serious damage. These problems are the moments when you need to do detailing service.

If I want to sell my vehicle, which items should I do?

The choice of the item depends entirely on the current state of your vehicle. The state of your vehicle when you sell it can reflect your maintenance status of the vehicle, which can greatly increase the probability of your sale and the price. Basically, Mini Detailing and engine bay deep clean are must-have items. If your car paint has great potential for improvement, then we will also recommend you to pre-sale car detailing service. These services add far more price to your car itself. Much higher than what you pay for these services.

There are a lot of scratches on my car. Can paint detailing deal with these problems?

The repairability of scratches depends on the severity of the scratches. The scratches caused by inadvertent scratching of ordinary branches, bags, etc. can basically be repaired by paint correction. However, if the paint surface is completely damaged and the varnish and colored paint have completely peeled off, it cannot be repaired. Some deeper scratches are also difficult to repair. If the paint is forcibly repaired, it may damage the paint itself. In addition, damage that has been corroded by bird droppings or chemicals and has entered the varnish layer cannot be repaired by paint correction alone. The best way is to drive your car into our store, and a professional technician will test the paint thickness for you, and judge the repairability and the estimated result.




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