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Benefits of Car Detailing and Car Wrap

Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping is the process of applying a specially designed patterned car wrap to the outer body of a motor vehicle. The material used in the process is durable and specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, scratches, chips, or any other common wear and tear on your car’s paint.

Vinyl material creates a strong bond to the vehicle’s paint job and when properly installed by professionals it is near to impossible to tell where the vinyl wraps begin and end.

Not only does vinyl wrapping create a protective layer for your car’s paint but also creates a new look enhancing the car’s appearance. So, if you are dissatisfied with a vinyl wraps appearance it is easy to change and remove the car wrap.

A quality car wrap or vinyl wrap can last between 4 to 6 years depending on its condition and care. However, a poor vinyl wrap installation or removal can lead to serious damage to your car’s paint. We advise you to leave vinyl wrapping in the hands of professionally trained experts instead of doing it yourself or going to a cheap place.

Shining Car is using ceramic coating to protect a car

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer sealant that sticks to the paint of a motor vehicle which creates a layer of protection for the paint. The liquid polymer creates a hydrophobic surface that easily repels water and dirt and makes it very easy to clean the vehicle.

The process of ceramic coating may be more expensive than vinyl wrapping however, it offers more benefits.

Aside from an extra layer of protection from the weather such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays which fades a car’s paint job, the ceramic coating acts as a resistant barrier between your car’s paint job and the ultraviolet rays. Moreover, ceramic coating repels water which can lead to rust or other damages by chemical substances produced when running. By creating a ceramic coating around the car, it is more cost-effective than paying for repairs to fix any potential damages incurred in the f future.

Vinyl wraps tend to last 4-6 years however ceramic coating can last more than a car’s lifetime. Our ceramic coating comes with paint gloss enhancement, where the gloss of your car paint can potentially increase between 20% to 30% giving it a stunning and luxurious appearance.


At ShiningCar Melbourne, our team of specialists pride themselves and dedicate their time to providing you with the best car services in Melbourne. With a plethora of vinyl customisation wraps and designs as well as a diligent and professionally executed ceramic coating process, your car is in safe hands with our experts. What are you waiting for, get your new ceramic coating or car wrap now by visiting our website and contacting us.

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