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How to judge the standard of paint protection film (ppf) work

When looking for Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your vehicle, you will find that there are so many different quotes on the market, some of them may be twice as expensive as others, which can make you even more unsure of your choice. What are the factors that affect the PPF price? As an experienced professional in the industry, let me reveal some important points for you.

Nissan Skyline Vinyl Wrap

Price of Paint Protection Film

The price of a paint protection film depends on the material and brand it is made from. At present, the mainstream materials used for PP film on the market are TPU and PVC.

Of these, TPU is the material that is used by the world’s top brands for car protecting when they are making paint protect products, like the film. This is because it is the best in terms of thickness, transparency and overall quality. It also has a better Self-Healing effect, so TPU films become less prone to yellowing, blistering and cracking.

Apart from the fact that the film itself is made of good material, the production process of the legitimate PPF brands will also result in a better quality film for paint protection that will not leave glue stains on the car, not to mention damaging the paint.

PVC is much cheaper than TPU and can cost as little as a fifth of the cost of TPU, but there are major quality flaws in films for paint protecting. Some of the cheaper PVC car coats will not only fail to protect your car’s paintwork but will damage your original paintwork, so we do not recommend using PVC car film for your PPF.

If using a TPU film is out of your budget, we would prefer to recommend you to have your car coating done at this price. ShiningCar can provide you with the information and file numbers of the PPF films we purchase.

Scope of work

The standard of work is a very important part of the Paint Protection Film service offer. When you choose to have a Full Car Wrap, the scope of work varies from company to company. This includes the roof, lights, piano paint on the ABC pillars, bumper trim, door handles and much more.

Many shops do not include the parts that are most easily overlooked in their quotes in order to attract customers to their shop at a lower price, but these small parts of the trim are often the most time consuming. This is because they require more cutting, covering and wrapping than the larger sheet metal sections such as the bonnet and doors. ShiningCar will quote for the most comprehensive PPF work in order to protect your vehicle, and will list the parts to be worked on clearly.

Quality of work

The Paint Protection Film service is not just about protecting the paintwork, it’s about making the car look better. Therefore, applying the material to the car is not the only thing that matters, but the perfect application of the material to the car.

Professional Assessment

Before applying the film, we will assess the necessary areas that need to be removed from the vehicle. Some of the more important areas are: decals, reflectors on the doors, vehicle identification, headlight washer nozzles, fuel tank cap, etc. Some vehicles also have window trim, turn signals, cameras, wipers, etc.

Low priced PPF services will often skip this part of the job and cut holes in these parts. You will then see large and small holes in the body of the car, as well as signs of the stretching of the livery film. After a long period of use, these areas will accumulate a lot of dust and open edges.

Working Environment

A professional working environment will minimise the amount of dust and leave your car in the cleanest condition possible, eliminating sand, gravel and hair.

Nissan Skyline Vinyl Wrap


Professional work tools will prevent damage to your car. ShiningCar uses imported Japanese blades with frequent blade changes to ensure the sharpness of the blade. The sharp tip helps to control the depth of the cut to half the thickness of the film without touching your car’s paintwork at all. You can even use 2-3 boxes (50-100) of blades for one car. We use a professional film application solution, including foam, gel, cleaner and more.

Staff Costs

Unlike an assembly line process, an experienced professional can determine the quality and longevity of the final film. They are more familiar with the areas that need to be stretched and the areas that need to be naturally adhered to. Some inexperienced film applicators may leave the car coat wrinkled and puckered in a short period of time.

Acceptance criteria

As a responsible business, ShiningCar will strictly control the quality of the work, and if it does not pass the test, we will rather tear it off and reapply it to ensure that the vehicle passes the inspection at all costs. The acceptance criteria include: whether there is sand and gravel, whether there is a tear in the car coat, whether there is an adhesive mark, whether there is bare, etc.

Product Grades

Any brand of film has different grades, which represent different qualities, including the warranty period, the workmanship of the film and even the functionality. Most warranties are for 3, 5, 7 or 10 years. ShiningCar promises to use the highest grade of 10 year warranty on all of its garments.

These are the lessons ShiningCar has learnt in its time in the business. We hope you find them useful if you are considering purchasing Paint Protection Film services.

If you are interested in Paint Protection Film and would like to receive a quote from ShiningCar, please feel free to contact us. We have experienced professionals who can offer you a solution for your car.

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