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How to better protect my car?

Whether you are driving a luxury car, your dream car or just a normal car that you bought from a dealer. There has always been a time where you may wonder, how can I protect my car better? From using the correct cleaning solutions, to giving it a new paint job, maintenance or getting it professionally cleaned. Down below we will list our personal recommendations for giving your car better protection.

Car Detailing

Sometimes cleaning your car, the old-fashioned way with soap and a sponge can get most of the grime and dust off. However, if your car’s paint looks dull, scratched, sunspots or if there are even stains inside, it is in your best interest to get a professional to do car detailing. Car detailing allows the car’s body, paint, and insides to be cleaned in an efficient and effective manner. Every detail possible from cleaning the outside, to the dashboard, seats, carpet, engine and even tyres are encapsulated in car detailing. The act of car detailing is to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition in a cosmetic manner as well as mechanical. Obviously, the main purpose of car detailing is for cosmetics, however if our team notices something technical, they will bring it up with you and discuss what you should properly do.

Car Detailing in Melbourne

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is an invisible shield that protects your car’s original paint job whilst also offering a glistering and immaculate look that will last for years. A very simple, small, and resolute film that offers an amazing range of protection from the outside factors and environment. Our paint protection films are not only durable and replaceable, but also manufacture with very high-quality materials. Offering a variety of protection from the basics or daily uses to a full car protection, Paint Protection Film can be a one size fit all solution for many car owners.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating creates a layer around your car like paint protection film but also focuses more on offering a glossy, glistening, and glamorous look to your car. Resistant to chemicals such as the ultraviolet rays of the sun, acidic substances, rainwater and corrosiveness of bird droppings, ceramic coating also allows one to clean their car without worrying about scratching. Ceramic coating allows for substances and dirt to slide off the layer with ease whilst creating an immaculate and crisp look of your car.

If you are looking for such professional services for your car, you can contact us. Shining Car offers an ideal range of affordable services. From ceramic coating, vinyl wrap, and many more, Shining Car is the one you want to look for when protecting or making your car more immaculate!

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